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New Cases of Sherlock Holmes by Janet Shaw



 New Cases of Sherlock Holmes (Orange Pip Books) – by Janet Shaw

From Orange Pip Books, dive into New Cases of Sherlock Holmes, a fiction crime novel centered around the iconic detective.

An unidentified woman dies with a set of false teeth mysteriously gripped in her hand.

A young tutor finds himself accused of a bizarre art theft.

A Russian refugee in hiding is helped by Watson’s wife Mary, and now Mary has disappeared.

In these ten stories, Shaw reveals to us a mercurial and complex Holmes, a conflicted Watson, and a nuanced and psychologically rich relationship between the two. Here is a Sherlock Holmes you will welcome: true to form yet renewed; by turns infuriating and charming.

However, Shaw suggests issues that resonate with a contemporary reader while deftly avoiding piety. In this debut collection, you will discover wry humour, Victorian pathos and of course, hansom cabs in a London fog.

Janet Shaw is the author of the Kaya® and Kirsten® books in The American Girls®Collection. She has published two books of poetry‚ a collection of short fiction‚ and an adult novel‚ Taking Leave.

Author  Janet Shaw

ISBN     9781787059580

Pages.  280

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