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Return to Reichenbach by Geri Schear

Return to Reichenbach by Geri Schear

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Return to Reichenbach by Geri Schear

When a half-naked man is found gibbering on the moor, Sherlock Holmes uncovers a series of bizarre murders. At their heart lies a shadowy figure known only as The Sorcerer. He can talk to the dead, they say. He can bend any will to his own. Even a will as formidable as the detective’s. The investigation leads from Dartmoor to Ireland and, ultimately, back to one of the most terrifying scenes of his career. Can Holmes survive the Reichenbach Falls a second time? From the author of A Biased Judgement: The Sherlock Holmes Diaries 1897, Return to Reichenbach is the third in the Sherlock Holmes and Lady Beatrice series.


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