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The Stone of Destiny- A Sherlock Holmes Adventure by Richard Ryan

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The Stone of Destiny- A Sherlock Holmes Adventure by Richard Ryan

Praise for Rich Ryan’s Vatican Cameos

“An extravagantly imagined and beautifully written Holmes story”

(Lee Child, NY Bestselling Author of the ‘Reacher’ series)

The Stone of Destiny is the much awaited sequel to Vatican Cameos;

During the elaborate funeral for Queen Victoria, a group of Irish separatists breaks into Westminster Abbey and steals the Coronation Stone, on which every monarch of England has been crowned since the 14th century. After learning of the theft from Mycroft, Sherlock Holmes is tasked with recovering the stone and returning it to England. In pursuit of the many-named stone, which has a rich and colorful history, Holmes and Watson travel to Ireland in disguise as they try to infiltrate the Irish Republican Brotherhood, the group they believe responsible for the theft. The story features a number of historical characters, including a very young Michael Collins, who would go on to play a prominent role in Irish history; John Theodore Tussaud, the grandson of Madame Tussaud; and George Bradley, the dean of Westminster at the time of the theft. There are also references to a number of other Victorian luminaries, including Joseph Lister and Frederick Treves. For fans of Conan Doyle’s immortal detective, the game is always afoot. However, for the great detective the stakes have never been higher as he must mollify a king who refuses to ascend the throne until “order has been restored.”


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