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The Art of Deduction – Colour Edition



The Art of Deduction – Colour Edition

Colour Edition. The Game is Afoot! A collection of art, poetry and writing from fans of the great detective Sherlock Holmes and his companion Doctor Watson. From the deadly Moriarty to domestic life of Holmes and Watson, the Art of Deduction showcases some of the greatest talent from arguably the oldest fan base in the world. Royalties to Help For Heroes.

Book Review

“I recently received as this a gift from a close friend of my mine, and I can’t describe how amazing it is. The fact that this fandom (best fandom out there, and oldest) created a book full of fanart and fanfiction is purely awesome. A lot of the stories have educated me on the better writers that are out there, and I can say I’m now following a large majority of them on tumblr. I’m really glad I had this book to read, and it is a most definite buy. I’ll be re-reading it a few times without a doubt. I believe in Sherlock Holmes!” Homeless Network

Author Name: Hannah Rogers

ISBN: 9781780929248


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