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The H. P. Lovecraft Collection: Deluxe 6-Volume Box Set Edition ( Arcturus Collector’s Classics #3 )



The H. P. Lovecraft Collection: Deluxe 6-Volume Box Set Edition ( Arcturus Collector’s Classics #3 )

H. P. Lovecraft was born in Providence, Rhode Island, in the US in 1890. Influenced by various literary interests, from the Tales of Arabian Nights, to Greek mythology and to 19th century Gothic tales told to him by his grandfather, Lovecraft mixed these together with an interest in science. From this background, he gave voice to his ideas in a series of dark tales of fantasy and horror. He suffered from ill health, at one point having a nervous breakdown, and he was unable to attend university, which was a huge disappointment to him. He died in 1937, but his legacy lives on in a body of work that has inspired countless films, TV series, board games and toys, as well as the work of many other writers.

Description for Sales People:

Lovecraft’s Cthulhu universe has been adapted into several different formats, including the Alone in the Dark video game series, the Eldritch Horror board games and a 2016 graphic novel published by Caliber Comics.

Table of Contents:

Macabre Stories
– The Tomb
– Dagon
– A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson
– Sweet Ermengarde or, The Heart of a Country Girl
– Memory
– Old Bugs
– The Transition of Juan Romero
– The Terrible Old Man
– The Temple
– Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and his Family
– The Street
– The Picture in the House
– The Tree
– The Music of Erich Zann
– In the Vault The Very Old Folk
– The Evil Clergyman
– The Book
– Ibid


Stories of the Dreamlands
– Polaris
– Beyond the Wall of Sleep
– The White Ship
– The Doom that Came to Sarnath
– The Cats of Ulthar
– Celephaïs
– From Beyond
– Nyarlathotep
– Ex Oblivione
– The Quest of Iranon
– The Moon-Bog
– The Outsider
– The Other Gods
– Hypnos
– What the Moon Brings
– Azathoth
– The Descendant
– Cool Air
– Pickman’s Model
– The Strange High House in the Mist
– The Color Out of Space
– The Dreams in the Witch House
– The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

The Dunwich Horror and Other Stories
– The Dunwich Horror
– The Whisperer in Darkness
– The Shadow Out of Time
– The Haunter of the Dark

The Randolph Carter Tales
– The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
– The Statement of Randolph Carter
– The Silver Key
– Through the Gates of the Silver Key
– The Unnamable

At the Mountains of Madness and Other Stories
– At the Mountains of Madness
– The Shadow Over Innsmouth
– The Thing on the Doorstep

The Call of Cthulhu and Other Stories
– The Nameless City
– Herbert West-Reanimator
– The Hound
– The Lurking Fear
– The Rats in the Walls
– The Festival
– The Shunned House
– The Horror at Red Hook
– He
– The Call of Cthulhu
– The History of the Necronomicon

Publisher Marketing:

This beautiful slipcased collection set brings together H.P. Lovecraft’s most celebrated works, divided into six clothbound volumes.


Said to be inspired by his own nightmares, Lovecraft’s writing astounds and terrifies in equal measure. His fiction marry gothic horror with cosmic fantasy, from his early macabre stories to his tales of the dreamlands, and of course, his famous Cthulhu novellas, and have influenced authors from Stephen King to Neil Gaiman.

With contemporary embossed cover-designs, matching color endsheets and a hardcover slipcase, these complete and unabridged tales make the perfect gift or collectible for any fan of the weird and wonderful.

– At the Mountains of Madness
– The Dunwich Horror
– The Call of the Cthulhu
– The Shadow over Innsmouth
– Polaris
– The Colour Out of Space
– Rats in the Walls

ABOUT THE SERIES: The Arcturus Collector’s Classics series are high-quality, clothbound box-sets of classic works of literature. With elegant embossed cover-designs and colored endpapers, these editions make wonderful gifts or collectibles to treasure forever.


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