We Rate Dogs! The Card Game



We Rate Dogs! The Card Game

They’re good dogs, Brent! Based on @WeRateDogs, Matt Nelson’s massively successful Twitter account with more than 7 million followers that showcases user-submitted dog photos, We Rate Dogs! The Card Game is fast-paced fun for 3-6 players, ages 8 and up where good dogs compete to be the very best! Players choose their favorite pups to compete in a dog show, with ratings based on six categories: Floof, Sass, Boopability, Zoom, Ears, and Wag. Play action cards to knock your opponents’ dogs down in the ranks, improve your own dog’s ratings, and be named the goodest dog. Only one dog can be named Best in Show, but not to worry, no dog will ever be less than a 10/10!

We Rate Dogs card game includes 50 dog cards, 100 event cards, 1 category die, winner’s circle board, first player card, and player tokens. It makes a tail-waggingly great gift for followers of @WeRateDogs and those who just love furry, wet-nosed, loyal and lovable four-legged friends.


” We Rate Dogs card game is the hecking goodest game out there.”

“Now you can bring the Internet’s cutest dogs into your home, no leashes required.”
-People Pets

“If you’ve ever looked at the good doggos (they’re all good dogs, Brent) that Matt Nelson shares daily and thought to yourself, I want to rate doggos, too, because I’d be AWESOME at it!, We Rate Dogs and Chronicle Books has the card game you’ve been waiting for.”
-Geek & Sundry

“WeRateDogs knows what they’re doing in this department – they’re not only an authority on dog ranking (frequently rating them above 10/10), but have also been a major influence on internet doggolingo.”

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