True Crime

10 Novels Inspired by True Crimes

As true crime stories, documentaries, and podcasts become more mainstream, it only makes sense that it continues to weave its way into fiction as well. Part of what makes true crime so fascinating is the horror and intrigue we feel when trying to wrap our heads around the darkest parts of humanity – and the […]

Six Survival Thrillers That Will Make You Question Your Own Life

Ever since I was young, I have been obsessed with survival thrillers. Whether they’re nonfiction tales rooted in unbelievable yet true, real-life situations or fantastical made-up fictional scenarios, the stakes don’t get any higher in storytelling than life or death adventures. These types of stories never fail to make us ponder our own existence since […]

Writing Suspense like Alfred Hitchcock

Writing Suspense Like Alfred Hitchcock

  Award-winning documentary filmmaker and author, Tony Lee Moral, offers some advice for aspiring suspense writers as he breaks down a few key techniques for writing suspense like Alfred Hitchcock.        What suspense techniques did Hitchcock use that are applicable for fiction writers? Hitchcock gave the audience more information than the character to […]

Ten of the Best Modern Suspense Novels

Ten of the Best Modern Suspense Novels That Will Make You Check the Lock On Your Door

Ten of the Best Modern Suspense Novels The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris The Silence of The Lambs, which follows the tentative relationship between FBI trainee Clarice Starling and incarcerated serial murderer Hannibal Lecter, is the quintessential thriller. Lecter’s psychological manipulation of the young Starling is as chilling on the page as it […]