Lessons We Can Learn from Authors with Distinctive Voices

Lessons We Can Learn from Authors with Distinctive Voices As a writer, you’re often asked who influenced or inspired you. That’s not always an easy question easy to answer, because writers tend to be voracious readers, magpie-like in their tendency to incorporate snippets and stylistic details from a myriad of sources. I’m sure there are […]

Michael Sherborne on
 "The Haunted Ceiling" by H.G. Wells

Michael Sherborne on
 “The Haunted Ceiling” by H.G. Wells

Michael Sherborne on
 “The Haunted Ceiling” by H.G. Wells (We had a chance to chat with Professor Michael Sherborne about “The Haunted Ceiling” an unpublished story by H.G. Wells which we’re publishing in the holiday issue of the Strand Magazine. Professor Sherborne was kind enough to share his expertise with us and speculate on why […]

I TAKE THEE: Five Favorites with “Wife” in the Title

I TAKE THEE: Five Favorites with “Wife” in the Title For better or for worse, for richer or poorer… that’s how it’s supposed to go. Only it’s not always how it turns out in the long run. When soulmates often find themselves drifting apart and the most reliable spouse can turn out to be an […]

Serial Killers in Fact and Fiction

 Serial Killers in Fact and Fiction Five of the best serial killer thrillers – Margaret Murphy, “write” arm of Ashley Dyer Thomas Harris’s Silence of the Lambs must surely take pole position on any list of serial killer novels. Harris researched the background meticulously, including talking to FBI agents Robert Ressler and John Douglas, originators […]

The Care and Feeding of a MacGuffin

The Care and Feeding of a MacGuffin As far as anyone knows Alfred Hitchcock was the first to use the term “MacGuffin.” He said it was “[T]he device, the gimmick, if you will, or the papers the spies are after… The plans, documents or secrets must seem to be of vital importance to the characters. […]

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Eight Great Books About Writing

  My 8 Favorite Books on Writing   Techniques of the Selling Writer by Dwight Swain It was written all the way back in 1974, but this is my favorite book on the list. So much good advice in here, but the best is: Move a story along quickly by making sure you have two […]

Top 7 Books with Family Secrets Jason Allen

Top 7 Books with Family Secrets

    Secrets and dysfunctional families are the perfect ingredients for some of Jason Allen’s favorite novels. Read on to discover Allen’s favorite tension and conflicts that fuels the narratives in these Top 7 Books with Family Secrets.   Secrecy makes for a riveting story, and family secrets often inform the tension and energy of […]

Karin Slaughter Recommends

Karin Slaughter Recommends   THE FIVE: THE UNTOLD LIVES OF THE WOMEN KILLED BY JACK THE RIPPER by Hallie Rubenhold A fascinating focus on the women who were victimized first by society, then by a fiendish serial killer, then by a blood-thirsty media that glorified how they died instead of the way they were forced […]

Writing Suspense like Alfred Hitchcock

Writing Suspense Like Alfred Hitchcock

  Award-winning documentary filmmaker and author, Tony Lee Moral, offers some advice for aspiring suspense writers as he breaks down a few key techniques for writing suspense like Alfred Hitchcock.        What suspense techniques did Hitchcock use that are applicable for fiction writers? Hitchcock gave the audience more information than the character to […]

Chris Pavone Thriller The Paris Diversion Interview

Chris Pavone discusses upcoming thriller: The Paris Diversion

The Strand had a chance to sit down with Chris Pavone to find out the thought process behind his new thriller novel, The Paris Diversion, released on May 7.   When it comes to accolades, Chris Pavone has experienced a variety of riches. From ranking on the New York Times Bestseller list to being honored with an Edgar […]

Rob Paulsen interview voice lessons cartoons

Rob Paulsen and Voice Lessons: Iconic Characters

Over the course of his career, voice actor Rob Paulsen has helped give life to some of television’s most iconic characters. Whether it’s Yakko from Animaniacs, Pinky from Pinky and the Brain, Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or over 250 other characters, odds are you’ve most likely heard his voice at some point. His […]